• Our GenLight 54LED solar sign & flood light is our best-selling mid-range commercial solar lighting system ever. Now in its second generation, the GenLight 54 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to light up small to medium signs, fountains & other landscape features, and medium-sized areas.

Solar sign lights are an affordable, cost saving and sensible solution for your sign lighting needs. Specializing in residential and commercial sign lighting, billboard lighting and real-estate lighting, SolarSignLights.org is qualified to assist you in your efforts to identify the most economical, intelligent and functional application for your sign lighting requirements.

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Solar Sign Lights

Whether you are trying to illuminate a real estate sign or a large billboard, we have a selection of lights suitable for most surface sign lighting applications

Solar Flag Lights

Solar flag lights eliminate the requirement to run underground wiring to your flag. Save time and money and an autonomous lighting system using the latest LED technology. Custom options available.

Solar Billboard Lighting Systems

All solar billboard lights are custom made in our New York facility.

Custom sign lighting

Solarsignlights offer custom lighting solutions for any requirement. Choose from HID, LED and low voltage fluorescent solar powered lights.

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