EnviroLight X-Med Solar Billboard Light

The EnviroLight X Medium solar billboard lighting kit is the perfect, cost-effective alternative to the traditional electric billboard lighting systems that you are used to using, built specifically for use in climates with average solar insolation and average temperatures throughout the year.  Unfortunately, the costs of installing and operating these traditional lighting kits is rising year after year (and month after month with the cost of electrical service). The HID fixture that comes with the envirolight kits produce 100,000 LUX or roughly 10,000 lumens per square foot.

The EnviroLight X small solar billboard lights will dramatically slash your installation costs (by eliminating the costs of trenching, landscaping and electrical grid connections), as well as the monthly costs of operating the lighting system. Plus, many of your advertising clients are starting to move toward greener, cleaner business practices and a good number are looking for you to provide them with a green lighting alternative for their billboard.

The EnviroLight X is manufactured by Silicon Solar Inc and it is designed to fully light a single sided billboard up to 30′ wide. It is important that an EnviroLight Billboard Lighting Specialist assist you in picking which kit will work best for you due to the amount of variables that need to be considered.