GenLight 54LED Solar Sign Light

The GenLight 54 represents a massive step forward in commercial solar sign lighting technology.  The GenLight 54 delivers exactly what you would expect from a high-end commercial solar lighting system; ease of installation, reliable, hassle-free operation and a price point that delivers massive ROI with short payback periods.

The Genlight 54LED puts out 18,000 LUX or roughly 1700 Lumens per square foot.

The patent pending design of the GenLight 54 features 54 super-bright LEDs, which deliver 125-150W of light output right where you need it…more than enough to illuminate a 10’ x 15’ all night long…even in tough, colder climates where older solar technology may have problems operating…making the GenLight 54 one of the most versatile and cost-effective commercial solar sign & flood lighting kits available today.

And, the GenLight 54 is lightweight, compact and can be installed by almost anyone…with only a couple of plug-n-play connections…in just a few minutes.