3 Benefits Of Solar Sign Lighting

Solar sign lights are becoming incredibly popular, used by thousands and thousands of businesses across the United States and around the world. In fact, solar sign lights are incredibly versatile, and there are models of solar sign lighting available for signs of nearly any size and shape. Here are just three of the huge benefits of using solar sign lighting to replace your current sign lighting system, or as your first sign light.

1. Solar Sign Lighting Systems Operate Completely Free: One of the biggest problems with traditional sign lighting systems is that they can be expensive to operate. As the prices of electricity continues to rise, so does the cost of operating your sign lights every night – this is can become cost-prohibitive to cash strapped businesses during economic hard times, or during slow seasons when marketing (sign lighting is critically important to survival). Solar sign lighting, however, operates for free using the power of the sun, the included solar panels and the batteries.

2. There Are Solar Sign Lighting Systems For Every Application: Solar sign lighting is incredibly versatile. No matter how large, or small, your sign is, you can find an affordable, easy-to-use solar sign light for it. Solar sign lights are available for billboard lighting, office/business sign lighting and even for real estate yard sign lighting.

3. Solar Sign Lighting Is Quick, Hassle-Free And Affordable To Install: A traditional sign lighting system can be expensive to install. You have the actually lighting to pay for, as well long wiring runs, the costs of connecting the wire to a power transformer/electrical system, trenching the wire and relandscaping, electrical connection fees, etc. However, solar sign lighting is a single, all components included, and can generally installed in minutes (sometimes a few hours for larger systems like solar billboard lights).

The combination of energy costs savings and installation costs savings makes solar sign lighting one of the most cost-effective and affordable investments a business can make.